Crossroads Blog Chat

A few very exciting things, at least from my perspective!  I’m over at Book Swarm today, continuing with the Crossroads Book Tour.  They’re giving away two grand prizes – a book by Amanda Ashby and one by Judith Graves – so I highly recommend throwing your name in the ring!  Also, a bunch of us authors (see list here) are chatting tonight with The Mundie Moms at 8 p.m. CDT.  There will be more chances to win more prizes and, of course, you can lob questions at us until your hearts’ content…or until the moderator yells “Halt!”

I promise later today the pics I’ve barely had time to upload from the tour Elaine Spencer and I took up the Rhine River the day we got into Frankfurt, jetlagged from the overnight flight on which neither of us slept!  It was certainly a wonderful way to keep ourselves awake until we could go to sleep at the appropriate time and get immediately acclimated.


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