You know how when someone throws a party, folks always ask what they can bring? Well, you can bring the fun! Bring your wit and wisdom! Enter to win fabulous door prizes!

This month I’m holding a get caught reading contest in celebration of the January publication of FANGTASTIC, the third novel in my Vamped series.

Facebook, Tweet (hashtag #Vampedseries), blog or otherwise post pics of yourself, your pets, your resident spirit or whathaveyou reading one of the Vamped books and be sure to let me know about it by January 7st and you’ll be entered to win a $30 shopping spree at either Barnes & Noble or!  [Sorry, contests open to US residents only.]

Winner will be chosen at random, though I’d love to post some of the fun pics on my blog, so please send ‘em my way at luciennediver @ (eliminating the spaces) and let me know if they’re good to go.  The best may inspire some extra special swag and signed copies of the new book.

Check back for the winner and more fabulous fun on January 8th, when I’ll be looking for Fangtastic slogans and giving away a lightweight 6” Kindle with carrying case!  (Note: you can enter both, so no need to hold off.)

Published by luciennediver

Author of books on myth, murder and mayhem, fangs and fashion.


  1. Thanks so much!

    I should mention to one and all, that it doesn’t have to be a physical copy you’re caught reading. Call it up on the e-reader of your choice and snap the pic…I’m just as happy!


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