Magical Words

Sometimes I feel like I do so many guest blogs that most of my pithy stuff is posted elsewhere, but at least I let you know about it here…and compile them for you on my Articles & Guest Blogs list. Today agent-me is over at Magical Words with “Authors’ Checklist of Dos and Don’ts.”  Author me is talking with Jessica Brody about books, research and my not-so-secret loves.


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Author of books on myth, murder and mayhem, fangs and fashion.

3 thoughts on “Magical Words

  1. Nice list, it would seem like a no-brainer for some, but I’m sure one could use it as a check-list of their actions. I like your use of the word, “harangue,” I haven’t heard that word in years! And now I have to look up Billy Joel and Kenny Rogers for my playlist today. 🙂 Have a Great Day There,


  2. I love the do’s and don’ts. It’s amazing to me how often and in how many different arenas in life people act like rules only apply to them if they wish it, or if it works to their benefit. Sad, really, because they’re sabotaging themselves in the process of ignoring those rules.


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