How to Talk to Agents

I’m going to let a couple of my clients talk today instead of me: Vicky Dreiling and Amy Christine Parker.  As Vicky will tell you in her “How I Got My Agent” post, she and I met several years ago at a conference – not at a pitch session, but at a meal after the conference was over, during which I asked her about her work, fell in love with her tagline, asked to see her partial, fell in love with that, requested the rest, harassed her for it when we passed each other on escalators at a subsequent conference….  Well, heck, I’ll let her tell it.  Amy Christine Parker and I have a somewhat similar story.  She and I met when I spoke with her local writer’s group and ended up keeping in touch.  When she sent me her YA novel set within a cult…well, I fell hardHere she gives some very good advice on how to talk to agents.  I present these because I think they illustrate some very wonderful points that every aspiring writer who wonders how to approach editors and agents at conferences, etc., should hear.  Enjoy!

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10 thoughts on “How to Talk to Agents

  1. Thanks for the shout out on my agent post! And I never get tired of hearing how much you like my book! It makes my day every time. Strangely enough, I remember reading Vicki’s post way back when and thinking to myself how nice it would be to have an agent as excited about my work as you were about hers and lo and behold here I am. Very definitive proof that it can and does happen once you’re ready!


  2. Amy, that’s a great story about you & Lucienne. When she and I met at that dinner in 2008, we ended up talking about …. Frankfurt. I know, weird topic, but I’d just returned from a business trip to Europe & somehow the two of us entertained the entire table with our tales of our German adventures. Lucienne has never let me forget how long I took to send that manuscript. I have a perfectionist streak in me. Deadlines, however, have cured me – sort of – LOL. 😉

    Lucienne, thanks for being the best agent ever. xoxoxo


  3. Thanks for introducing us to Amy! And of course I already know Vicky the Sweetie. (Yes, you rock!) I think you introduced me to her too. 🙂 What awesome authors you have.

    Loved both posts!!

    Thank you for sharing!!


  4. This is a more helpful post than you know. If nothing else it tells me that I need to get off my but and get to a writing conference (or four). Thanks!


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