BlogTalk Radio interview!

Last week, I had a lovely chat with Shannon Delany (author of 13 TO LIFE and other young adult titles) on blog talk radio. We discussed everything from writing to agenting, fiction to non-fiction (my essay in the DEAR BULLY anthology).  I hope you’ll listen and enjoy.

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Author of books on myth, murder and mayhem, fangs and fashion.

One thought on “BlogTalk Radio interview!

  1. I just got the opportunity to listen to your interview. Loved it!

    LOVE the DEAR BULLY concept of all of you getting together to write it!

    I found it interesting that Rosemary Clement was your first YA author and you weren’t repping YA at the time. That’s so awesome how she snagged your interest.

    Yay on Guitar Hero w/ T 🙂
    I totally agree with Shannon about the Italian Tigress comment. Power and passion is definitely you. Very admirable!

    And yay Amy!! I loved how you mentioned her twice. I can’t wait to read GATED!!!

    Lastly, love your idea on the recycled dress. Hope you post pics and we all get to see.

    Good job on the interview. You nailed it!


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