For anyone looking to find me at Necronomicon this weekend, here’s my schedule!  Also, I’ll have an author table and special deals!


Embassy Suites -USF
3705 Spectrum Boulevard
Tampa, FL 33612


1 PM      Salon A                 Writing Basics- Creating Fantasy Worlds

Author discussion of the processes they use to define the fantasy setting in which their story will be set. Host: K.L. Nappier, Panel: Lucienne Diver, Christopher Paolini, Aria Kane, E. Rose Sabin

3 PM      Salon G                                Grossing Genres: the Good and the Bad

Find out how authors mix genres to create something new and wonderful and how they avoid making a mess of things. Host: Thomas Macheski, Panel: Lucienne Diver, Pamela Labud, R.M. Garcia, Michael L. Joy, Vicy Cross

Necronomicon’s Got Talent – Yes, I will be singing.  Tremble in fear!


9 AM     Salon B                 Fantasy Romance: Rising Star

More and more we are seeing the combination of fantasy with traditional romance writing. The panel discusses why this is so. Host: Lucienne Diver, Panel: Vicy Cross, Pamela Labud, Johanna M. Bolton, Aria Kane

12 PM   Salon C                 Small Presses: Taking Risks the Big Guys are Afraid to Take

If you want to find fiction that is innovative or deals with subjects the major publishers shy away from, you go to the small presses. The panel discusses why small presses are risk-takers. Host: K. Piet, Panel: Eric Beebe, Ed Howdershelt, Lucienne Diver, Christopher Helton, E. Rose Sabin

4 PM      Salon B                 Religion in Science Fiction and Fantasy

A soon to be ordained minister, an ethics professor and three authors delve into the topic of how you deal with religion in the societies you create in your fiction. Host: Tracy Zielinski, Panel: Glenda Finkelstein, Will Ludwigsen, Kat Heckenbach, Michael Pinsky, Lucienne Diver


11 AM   Salon C                 Dress for Success: What Your Fantasy Characters Wear

Our authors discuss what they tell their character to and not to wear. Host: Tracy Akers, Panel: Lucienne Diver, Christopher Paolini, Pamela Labud

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