Quick things – a “Holla!” for Chloe Neill & a new Rebel vid

Posted: January 14, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Hey, all, still playing crazy catch-up after the holidays, so I’m just posting quickly to give a WOOT! for the fact that we can now announce the big deal for three new Chicagoland Vampires novels by the bestselling and entirely unforgettable Chloe NeillHere’s the PW announcement.

In YA Rebel-land, Amy Christine Parker and I chose to do today’s vlog on publishing misconceptions (part 1, because there’s too much to cover in a single vid!).  Check us out.


  1. Wow WTG Chloe!! That is soo AWESOME! WTG Lucienne too since you are her SUPER agent! That’s amazing!

    All good tips. I enjoyed watching.

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