Coastal Magic Con write-up

As you might be able to tell from the gallery and the number of hugs involved in these photos, the Coastal Magic Convention was wonderful, casual and, in a word, awesome.  Our organizer, Jennifer Morris goes out of her way to create a fun environment where no one is up on a pedestal, no one (well, almost no one) is just talking at you, but we’re all talking =with= each other.  Meet & Greets, Flash Fiction Panels, Come as your Character cocktails…you name it, we did it.  To the readers and bloggers who came, I have to say YOU ARE ALL AMAZING.  The boxes of books bought, the great questions and conversations…I feel like my heart grew three sizes that day, and I was no Grinch to start with.  I carried my glow from the convention all the way home and then got the after con blues because we weren’t going to do it all again the next weekend.  Seriously.  So much fun.

If you want to hear/see more from the convention, one of Wednesday’s YA Rebels (Sarah/Aria Kane), posted a vlog last week:

And I posted an interview just today with the fabu J.A. Souders.  Enjoy!

A P.S. to this post, brought on by recent events:

1- I attend Coastal Magic Con and a few other conventions during the year as an author rather than an agent, which means that I pay my own way and feel freer to be me as opposed to my agent persona, who is also me but a lot less casual and never spotted in the wild wearing a coconut bikini.
2- Anyone currently spouting sexist and bigoted diatribes who decides that the wearing of such means I “can’t” be a feminist and I’m not to be taken seriously…I’m so sorry, but didn’t you go extinct with the dinosaurs?  (Anyone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about can follow this link to be clued in or this one to see my subsequent rant on the subject.)

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