Rebel Reads

Amy and I are back at it…check out our latest Rebel Reads!

(And yes, I did have to reread and paraphrase the back cover copy for UNWIND by Neal Shusterman, determining after several takes that it’s a darn hard book to talk about, given the issues involved, but excessively well worth reading.  Also, it’s a book that I suspect will be a vastly different experience for everyone reading it.  For example, reading it as a parent…terrifying.  Reading it as a teen whose fights with said parents sometimes rage out of control…I can only imagine.  Definitely a book that makes you think and leaves you, well, horrified, but better for it.)

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Author of books on myth, murder and mayhem, fangs and fashion.

One thought on “Rebel Reads

  1. Ahhh loved that you guys added the amazing Jessica Brody to the bunch! And how cool you got to go on tour with her, Amy. Loved UNREMEMBERED too! And I’m so excited it is going to be a film! So well-deserved. I absolutely love Karma Club and 52 Reasons to Hate My Father. Highly recommend those reads! You two picked out some interesting reads. The first one you shared, Lucienne sounds super interesting. Gonna have to check it out.
    Gotta give you an early shout-out Happy Birthday, L! May you have the most amazing birthday ever! X


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