Romance Writers of Australia Conference 2014

As many of you know, I was away for about ten days at the Romance Writers of Australia Conference out in Sydney and then for some sightseeing afterward – because there was no way I was traveling halfway around the world and not doing a koala encounter or visiting the Blue Mountains. I hope to blog soon (with pics) on how fabulous Australia is in general, but for today I wanted to say a few words to and about the Romance Writers of Australia.

THANK YOU all for being so gracious, lovely, entertaining and enlightening. I’ve rarely attended a conference where I felt so comfortable and at home!

For those who weren’t there, RWAUS 2014 had fabulous guests and speakers, including Kate Byrne, Senior Commissioning Editor from Headline UK, Malle Vallik, Sue Brockoff and Flo Nicoll from various divisions of Harlequin, Lex Hirst, acquiring editor for Random House, Haylee Nash and Joel Naoum, acquiring editors for Pan Macmillan, Anna Valdinger and Narelle Battersby from HarperCollins and HarperImpulse respectively, bestselling authors Cherry Adair and Marie Force, Australian agents Alex Adsett and Jacinta di Mase… I could keep going and going, but you can read the guests various interviews here for yourselves! The long and short of it is the conference put together wonderful panels and presentations. I wish I could have seen more. I did get to see Cherry Adair’s speech (was it Saturday morning?) and could have listened to her go on all day. She’s not just funny and charming, she’d remarkably inspirational.

I especially enjoyed the Escape After Party Friday night with its leather and lace theme, hosted by the fabulous Kate Cuthbert of Escape Publishing. The costumes were fabulous, and the adventurous nature of some of them even better.

The gala awards dinner Saturday was wonderful, and I was very lucky with my table companions, including my newest author, Shannon Curtis, who I’m very pleased to be working with! Also, the lovely Eleni Konstantin, Cassandra L. Shaw, and Rachael Herron. Emma Darcy was elected into the Hall of Fame and had everyone laughing and crying with her speech. Thanks to Xanthe Blake tweeting them, I can recall and pass along to you Emma’s Five Fs of Romance: fun, fantasy, feel-good and fabulous fucking! (Hope I didn’t shock anyone with that! She shocked a laugh out of us all.)

After the award ceremony, tables were cleared and we all danced the night away.

I was very sad to leave, especially after making so many friends and finally getting to meet the wonderful Lauren McKellar from YA Rebels in person! Some pics are below so that you can all feel you were there.

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