A Couple of Quick Things

Happy belated Thanksgiving, everyone and absolutely the best of the season to you all!

Those who follow me on Facebook and Twitter may already know I’ve been under the weather for a bit with a respiratory infection.  So what I’m most thankful for at the moment is to be feeling better!  I may not be ready to run marathons – I leave those to Christina Henry and Chloe Neill – but I have something of a voice again and I’m no longer trying to cough up a lung, so I call that a win!

Twice Bitten.final Speaking of Chloe Neill, her third Chicagoland Vampires novel TWICE BITTEN comes out tomorrow in its mass market edition.  To celebrate, Chloe is giving away five signed sets of the mass market editions of SOME GIRLS BITE, FRIDAY NIGHT BITES and TWICE BITTEN.  Check out her website for the Rafflecopter giveaway!

Shortly before the holiday, Tor.com did a cover reveal of Genevieve Cogman’s upcoming debut THE INVISIBLE LIBRARY.  I can’t wait until the reviews start rolling in so that I can crow even louder about this new series, but for now, just let me say that it has everything.  EVERYTHING.  It’s a must read.

Okay, all, I have to catch up on everything that piled up over the Thanksgiving break, but I expect that I’ll be back as the day or week goes on when I spot special book-related Cyber Monday deals and the like.



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2 thoughts on “A Couple of Quick Things

  1. The Invisible Library sounds stunning—but I notice that the info here links to uk sites. Any hints on when this might show up in the US?


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