Coastal Magic write up and where I’ll be next

Before I get to the awesomeness that was the Coastal Magic Convention, a quick note about where I’ll be next month:

March 14-16 in Mount Dora, FL for the Lake County Library BookFest 2015: DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES (along with client Amy Christine Parker, author of YA thrillers GATED and ASTRAY)

March 27-29 in Brea, California for the California Dreamin’ Conference (along with romance clients Vicky Dreiling and Debra Mullins and Knight Agency author Chris Marie Green)

Both of these sound like fantastic events with great lines-ups of presenters!  For the California Dreamin’ Conference, you can check out my Q&A on their blog. I hope to see some of you there.

And now for the Coastal Magic Convention.  I’ve been every year since the tireless (and by the end absolutely exhausted) Jennifer Morris first organized the conference, back when it was Old City, New Blood, and here’s why: it’s a community.  This convention brings together authors, bloggers and readers in such a way that we all get to know each other pretty well.  We become a family.  Going back year after year is like a reunion.  I love, love, love being an agent.  I have a much easier time promoting my clients’ books than my own, but every once in awhile, it is nice to shuck off the idea that I have to maintain strict professional decorum, which leads to a certain reticence/distance in my interactions, and just be author-me, who is a lot more easygoing and feels free to wear skully dresses if she damn well pleases.  Also, she participates in Flash Fiction panels with the hilarious Damon Suede, which leads to stories about tentacled alien maidens with four sets of breasts.

Oh yes, the Flash Fiction panel is one of the highlights of the convention (to me anyway), as is Damon’s wonderful Cinema Craptastique, in which he Mystery Science Theatre’s a really bad movie for our enjoyment.  This year it was The Legend of Hercules.  And OMG, this was wrong on about every level imaginable – historically, mythologically, CGI-ically.  Really, truly awful.  Do not watch this film unless you’re at RT for Damon’s reprise of Cinema Craptastique or have found a really good drinking game to go with it.  You have been warned.

Some old comrades were missing this year, which was sad.  (I’m looking at you James R. Tuck, Delilah Dawson, Karina Cooper, Janice Hardy, Nancy Haddock, Amy Lane, …)  But it was great to catch up with others and to make new friends, like J.A. Souders, Aria Kane, Jenna Black, Kristen Painter, Amanda Carlson, Christina Farley, Poppy Dennison, Chudney Defreitas-Thomas, Chelle Olson, Myra Nour, Melanie Marsh, Jess Haines, and so, so many people that I can’t possibly even try to list them all because I will leave people off and I don’t want that kind of pressure.

I love the panels, love the meet and greets, loved the dance this year with the crazy photo ops and generally had myself a blast.  Some pics are below for your enjoyment.

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