Hi, all! With Twitter self-destructing and discrimination and danger coming with disclosing personal details on other social apps like Facebook, I’m looking at whether I have the time to restart my blog. Also, whether anyone will be interested in following along. Starting with this test balloon!

As a start, I’ll try to do a book rec or two a day through the new year, because I absolutely want to support this lovely, heartbreaking, heartwarming business of ours and everyone associated with it. Because it’s a Saturday*, which is never a big news day, I want to start with this whole post I did for A Book Lovin’ Mama’s Blog from the perspective of the characters from my books with gift ideas for the holidays for that booklover on your list, including some book recs (not just mine)!

Next, quick recs for the poetry lover on your list:

CALL US WHAT WE CARRY by Amanda Gorman, the Presidential Poet who wrote that amazing inaugural poem THE HILL WE CLIMB, also available!

SELECTED POEMS OF EMILY DICKENSON – I’ve been a long time fan, but have never had her poems all in one place. I found this volume on a B&N table for $10 and think it makes a great gift.

Not all are keepers, of course, but some new to me are so compelling and evergreen, like this short piece:

Much madness is divines sense

To a discerning eye;

Much sense the starkest madness.

‘Tis the majority

In this, as all, prevails.

Assent, and you are sane;

Demur, —you’re straightway dangerous,

And handled with a chain.

I feel this so deeply right now, surrounded as I am in a very red state with so many of my neighbors afraid to speak and children afraid to be who they are.

(*This was moved over from another blogsite, hence the tagging and the out-of-order posts. Henceforth, all should be in order!)

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