Articles & Guest Blogs

Video Interviews and Podcasts:
The Once & Future Podcast with Anton Strout
Romantic Times On-Line interview with Morgan Doremus on How to Get a Literary Agent
Romantic Times On-Line interview with Morgan Doremus on Revamped
Talk at the Hart Memorial Library about the Query Process and Cover Letters
Articles (some originally written for the SFWA Bulletin):
Authors’ Checklist of Dos and Don’ts
Work for Hire
Piracy on the High Cs
What is the Deal with E-Books?

Survivor…Publishing Style (October-November 2009 issue)
Demystifying the Mystical Art of Negotiation
Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart Pt I 
Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart Pt. II 
Mandated Extroversion
Revision Decision
Worldbuilding Workshop, Part I
Worldbuilding Workshop, Part II
Worldbuilding Workshop, Part III
Debut Week – An Agent’s Perspective
YA/Middle Grade
Genres and Subgenres and Memes, Oh My! 
Voice (for Magical Musings)
Why Your Work Never Gets Read as Quickly as you Want it to
What an Agent Does – A Snapshot
Saving Your Sanity
The Revision Decision for Fiction University
Pointers for Punching Up Your Prose for Fiction University
For Magical Words (a cut-out to a list with links)
As Author:
Interview by Rich Ehisen
Character’s Court: Tori Karacis vs. Lucienne Diver
Pantheons and Pantsers
What’s Life Got to do with It?
Creative Control
A Writer’s Diary
Better Living Through Fiction
Wherein the Sky has Always Been Falling
Turning Myth into Magic for Kalayna Price’s blog
Of Quirks and Characters for Magical Words
Publication Panic for Doranna Durgin’s blog
Action Distraction, originally for Babes in Bookland 
When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Creative for Petit Fours and Hot Tamales
Ideas vs. Execution for Deborah Blake’s blog
Myth: It’s Bendy for my own blog
No (Wo)man is an Island for Janice Hardy’s blog
Love Triangles for PJ Schnyder’s blog
How Novels are like Children for Jon Sprunk’s blog
Paperback Writer for Cate Peace
Apollo for Wynter Daniels
Truth is Stranger than Fiction for Faith Hunter’s blog
My Can’t Write a Blog Blog for Cats, Books, And…More Cats!
As my characters:
Gina (from Vamped, Revamped, Fangtastic
and Fangtabulous):
How Not to be a Hot Mess
How to Stay Dreamy When You’re Dead
The Care and Feeding of Minions
Tomorrow the World
What Your Ponytail Placement Says About You
Why My Vampire Boyfriend is Better than Your Wolf
Pluses and Minuses of Dating the Undead
Gina interviewing Tori (from Bad Blood):

Tori (from Bad Blood, Crazy in the Blood, Rise of the Blood and Battle for the Blood)
Interviewed by her grandmother (Yiayia of the Goddities gossip blog) for Romance Magicians

Tori’s Guide to Mythological Investigations for Fang-Freakin-Tastic Reviews

Tori’s Top Ten Costumes for Halloween for EverAfter Romance

Hermes (also from the Latter-Day Olympians series)

“If I Ruled the World”

Short Fiction

CMC17 Halloween Flash Fiction

“Jolly Old Elf”


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