Conventions, Appearances and Chats

Summer-Fall 2017 Events:

June 15, 7 pm: Writers Workshop, Hart Memorial Central Library in Kissimmee, FL

June 17, 12-4 pm: SouthShore Library Teen Book Festival in Ruskin, FL

June 25, 2-3:30 pm: Local Authors Meet N Greet at Jimmie B. Keel Regional Library in Tampa, FL

July 12, 8 pm: Twitter chat on Publishing & Writing, hashtag #FLYA

July 26–29: Romance Writers of America Conference in Orlando, FL

August 31-September 1: DragonCon in Atlanta, GA



11:30 amSocial Media as an Effective Tool for Authors: Navigating the ever-changing world of social media is a difficult job especially when combined with an active writing career. Panelists discuss the most efficient and effective ways of juggling the two. Location: Embassy CD – Hyatt

1:00 – Sold My First Book–Now What? Pros from both sides of the publishing table discuss what happens after your first book sale. Location: Embassy CD – Hyatt


4:00Ask the Experts: Trends in UF: Our panel of agents and editors will provide an update of what to expect next in the urban fantasy field. Location: Chastain 1-2 – Westin


11:30 am – Creativity 101: Keeping your creative energy bristling with ideas isn’t easy. Try these concrete tips and ideas to boost your creativity. Location: Embassy CD – Hyatt

1:00 pm – The Care and Feeding of Writers, At Work Edition: Writers are special people. To get their work out to the public requires support from people like agents, editors and publishers. Some of those people talk about what it takes to keep their authors happy…or at least content…or just writing. Location: Embassy AB – Hyatt

October 20-22: Necronomicon in Tampa, FL

November 2-5: World Fantasy Convention in San Antonio, TX

  1. Monet Jones says:

    Check out this one, Love to see you there

  2. catemorgan says:

    Hey, Marvelous Agent-Author Lady–You’re down for Necronomicon (W00T! Con!!), but for the wrong dates. Necro is Oct 3-5 this year. Just an FYI from one Samhain author to another. 🙂

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