Conventions, Appearances and Chats

Summer/Fall 2018 Events:

August 4, 2018 – 9-5, 2018 Florida Writing Workshop, Crowne Plaza Westshore

August 30-September 2: Dragoncon, Atlanta, GA

October 19-21: Necronomicon, Tampa, FL



1:00 pm. Title: Really Good Stuff You Should Read, See, Hear. Panelists: T. Brown, L.Diver, D. Farnum, J. Sanmiguel, J. Offutt, Host: W. Hatfield

2:00 pm Title: Budget Cosplay. Panelists: I.Doll, S. Sonnenberg, Nana the Red, L. Diver, Host: T. Macheski

3:00 pm. Title: Not So Unlikely Partners (combining mystery and SF or fantasy). Panelists: K. Nappier, L. Diver, R. Byers, K. Heckenbach, Host: T. Zielinski


10 am. Title: Coffee Klatch. Panelists: Me!*

5 pm. Title: Is Diversity Having the Desired Effect?

10 pm. Title: Fanish Name That Tune. Panelists: R. Wilber, A. Mullen, L. Diver, G. Finkelstein, B. Stark, Host: J. Carroll

*I didn’t sign up for an autographing session, but I’d be happy to sign/sell books at the Coffee Klatch or any other time you catch me with a pen and/or inventory.

4 thoughts on “Conventions, Appearances and Chats

  1. Hey, Marvelous Agent-Author Lady–You’re down for Necronomicon (W00T! Con!!), but for the wrong dates. Necro is Oct 3-5 this year. Just an FYI from one Samhain author to another. 🙂


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