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I’m so excited that Take Me Away to a Great Read has done the first cover reveal for my new YA suspense Faultlines! This is a novel that is seriously close to my heart, and I hope that you’ll all check it out.  Please feel free to Tweet or otherwise share the link. I’d really love to get a buzz going for this book. Yes, I’d love to get a buzz going for all of my books, but this new direction is really important to me, so I’m willing to beg for your attention!

What’s it about? Well, I’m glad you asked!  Here’s the cover copy:

“Faultlines blew me away! A tense, suspenseful read that will break your heart and keep you guessing right up until the very end.” —Amy Christine Parker, author of GATED and ASTRAY

Six months ago Vanessa Raines lost her best friend.

Lisa had changed, pushing away everyone close to her, even Vanessa. She had quit soccer. Started wearing dark and dismal clothes. She refused every offer to talk and suffered whatever she was going through in silence. Now she’s really gone. Suicide they claim, but Vanessa knows that isn’t right. It can’t be.

Vanessa blames herself for letting Lisa chase her off. She wants answers, so that she can put to rest the rumors surrounding Lisa’s death and so that she can move on, heal. But Lisa left no note and the journal she was always scribbling in—which might tell all—is mysteriously missing.

As Vanessa struggles to come to terms with the loss of her friend and to reconstruct the last months of Lisa’s life, someone calling themselves “Poetic Justice” begins taking revenge against those he or she thinks drove Lisa to suicide. Everyone at school believes Vanessa is this mysterious “Poetic Justice”. It’s easy to blame the former best friend, and Vanessa makes an obvious target.

Struggling with her own guilt, Vanessa is determined to ignore the threats and allegations aimed her way. But as Poetic Justice’s vengeance takes a darker turn, retaliation against Vanessa begins to escalate, from cyber bullying to violence, putting both her and the little sister she adores in the line of fire. To protect them both, she has to find out who’s behind the attacks before things turn deadly. And hope she can survive the truth.


Publisher: Bella Rosa Books

Formats: Trade Paperback, ISBN 978-1-62268-100-6 and eBook, ISBN 978-1-62268-101-3

Publication: November 15, 2016

Other preorder links will follow, but so far it’s up for the Kindle here!

I loved The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  Devoured it.  Started to read it the day after RWA was in Orlando at poolside.  I’d moved to a different hotel to have a day to myself.  I was supposed to check out at 11 and start my drive home.  I hadn’t seen my husband and son in days.  (Yes, I’m starting a lot of sentences with “I.” Deal with it.)  Did things go according to plan?  No, they did not, because at 10:30 that morning, I called my husband to say that there was no way I’d be home on time, and not just because of my dead car battery.  I was simply going to have no life until I finished the book.  It was crystal clear to me.   I get possessed by books like that from time to time, frequently by my clients, I’m pleased to say, so this feeling isn’t unknown to me, but it’s always a gift.

So it was with great excitement that I saw there was a movie in the making, even while I wondered how it could possibly live up to the book.  The short answer: it couldn’t.  No movie could, because the strength of the book is in the characters and what they’re going through, and their motivations and internal struggles were just too difficult to put on screen.  It’s no fault of the actors or the screenwriters (Suzanne Collins herself, based on the credits, was involved with the script).  It’s a matter of the medium.  Did I like the movie?  Yes.  Did it steal my heart and soul as the book did?  Well, no, but I’m glad it was made, particularly if it draws more attention, which, of course, it does, to such a brilliant series of books.  All that said, my favorite bit of casting was Lenny Kravitz as Cinna.  He made the role.  It was also a particular pleasure to see the girl on fire and other outré fashions mentioned in the book come to live.  Really incredible.