GCC Interview with Jennifer Echols

Is this a great cover, or what?  Girlfriends’ Cyber Circuit sister Jennifer Echols has come out with a high-flying new adventure (SUCH A RUSH, Gallery/MTV Books, ISBN: 978-1-4516-5801-9), and I get a stop on her blog tour!  So, here’s a little info about the author and the book and an interview with Jennifer Echols. AboutContinue reading “GCC Interview with Jennifer Echols”

More interviews and giveaways!

One quick thing before I move on – if you’re a fan and you can’t find Fangtastic in your local bookstore, I would love, love, love you to order it through customer service.  Reports are that though stock’s been bought for on-line distribution, people aren’t finding it in their chain brick & mortar store, whichContinue reading “More interviews and giveaways!”

Welcome to WordPress!

  Well, it’s been coming for quite awhile, my break-up with LiveJournal.  However, I’m very pleased to be moving over here to WordPress, where I blog monthly with Magical Words, and to have as my very first post here an interview with Girlfriends’ Cyber Circuit sister, Jennifer Echols, whose new YA novel, Love Story, releasedContinue reading “Welcome to WordPress!”