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It’s been awhile, I think, since I’ve done a Fun Friday post, but it doesn’t get much more fun than this: Sh*t Writers Say.


Also (fun for me, anyway), I have to post this wonderful review from Booklist for my latest Vamped novel FANGTASTIC.  My hero is strutting around in my head at his “hunky” designation, and my heroine has decided that she can totally live with “feisty.”

Plus, if books run like films in your head, I’d love to see who you think should play the various roles in my books.  Story Casting now has them posted and available for dream casting.  It’s like fantasy football without all the stats.

Don’t forget that you can view the Vamped series music video and download the MP3 for free on my website if you’re interested.  And hey, if you’ve read and loved the series…or liked it…or whatever, I’d love you to rate it on Goodreads or post reviews to Barnes & or or wherever you’d like.  Thank you!