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Out and about!

A new version of Doranna Durgin’s excellent first mystery starring Sully Beagle (oh, and his person, veterinarian Dale Kinsall) finding murder and menace in the high desert: NOSE FOR TROUBLE.  You can check out an except and more on Doranna Durgin’s website or see what the publisher has to say here in their announcement of  the title’s debut in their new mystery line.

Blurb: Dale Kinsall, DVM, and his young Beagle Sully are brand new to the high desert of the American Southwest. Determined to escape reminders of the catastrophic fire that scarred his memory and damaged his lungs, Dale arrives to a clinic populated by an eccentric staff, even odder clients—and a community all abuzz about a recent murder.

The wagging tongues grow even louder when Dale himself stumbles across a second victim on his very first day at the clinic—a man drowned in his own drought-dusty backyard—and that’s just the beginning. Dale’s new boss is less than pleased that scandal and chaos seem to trot along at Dale’s heels.

Before much longer it becomes evident that Dale, Sully, and the clinic are all at risk, even as Dale’s fledgling relationship with a local colleague turns serious in more ways than one. Trouble seems to be closing in on all of them. But how can Dale solve the mystery when he’s not even sure what the mystery is? And how can he protect everyone and everything he cares about?

There’s only one thing for certain: just like Sully, Dale has a Nose for Trouble.

For the first time anywhere, Janet Mullany’s wonderful historical romance THE MALLORY PHOENIX on Nook and Kindle:

She plays a deadly game, but nothing is as dangerous as love.

Benedict de Malorie, Earl of Trevisan, can never forget the masked woman he met one night at a London pleasure garden. The clever pickpocket stole his heart and his family’s prized jewel – the Malorie Phoenix. But the family treasure reappears in Benedict’s darkest hour, returned by its thief, along with the unexpected gift of his infant daughter.

Believing that she is dying, Jenny Smith leaves her daughter in the custody of the baby’s blueblood father. Seven years later she finds herself in good health and alone, yearning for her only child. To raise enough money to support them both, she takes part in a daring escapade that requires her to impersonate a woman of quality. She fools the ton and Benedict himself.

When Jenny finds herself entangled in a murderous plot against Benedict, the father of her child, her carefully laid plans begin to fall apart. All she wants is her daughter back, but she never thought she’d fall in love with Benedict. Revealing her part in the plot means she will almost certainly lose Benedict and their daughter forever. But continuing to play her role puts them all in terrible danger.

Oh, I know you’ve seen this cover before!  But what’s new and exciting is that Persephone Magazine’s book club is reading N.K. Jemisin’s THE HUNDRED THOUSAND KINGDOMS over the weekend of May 5th, so if you haven’t read it yet, now would be a great time.  And if you have, maybe you want to swing by and discuss!

(BTW, her new series begins on May 1st with THE KILLING MOON and continues in June with THE SHADOWED SUN.  I’m so looking forward to these new releases.  Amazing books!)

Just wanted to post a whoot! for Patti O’Shea, whose IN THE DARKEST NIGHT won Best Paranormal in the Beacon Awards.  Congratulations, Patti!

Also, Publishers Weekly posted their excellent interview of author N.K. Jemisin, award-winning author of THE HUNDRED THOUSAND KINGDOMS here.  Check it out!