What an agent does – a snapshot

Because I’m always asked what an agent does, I’ve pulled together some quick stats for this week to give you an idea.  Note: this week was a short one; the office was closed Monday and here it is only Thursday afternoon. 
-notes sent to 2 clients on their new proposals to spiff them up for submission; 3rd set of proposals on the slate for tomorrow
-notes sent to 2 clients on their full manuscripts
-15 rejection letters written
(note: full disclosure – some of the above reading was done over the holidays, along with an Agatha Christie mystery and the third novel of a new client about whom I’m very excited!)
-2 new subrights deals done
-2 final contracts reviewed and routed for signature
-1 new set of contracts commented upon, revised contracts received and approved, now awaiting signature copies
-countless questions fielded (on anything from client speaking engagements and tours to copyrights to pricing)
-even more questions lobbed, mostly at editors, many regarding print runs and other info on new releases
-1 kick-butt cover concept seen and approved by me and the author.  (I so wish it was ready to share!)
-1 set of tax forms sent to author
-1 new submission…submitted
-3 new blogs posted…4, including this one!

On the slate for tomorrow, in addition to that other set of proposals and any new notes the reading generates:

-going over some contested royalty statements with a fine-toothed comb
-nags to editors on outstanding submissions
-2012 foreign certification form paperwork to get out to authors


…and a partridge in a pear tree.

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Author of books on myth, murder and mayhem, fangs and fashion.

8 thoughts on “What an agent does – a snapshot

  1. I appreciate your openness, Ms. Diver.
    I am a Cultural Geographer according to my degree, but I’ve been writing a fantasy manuscript when I’m not researching some crazy topic like: The Effect US Culture Has On Canadian Society (i.e. porn channels are freely pirated without repercussions across a border that does not block airwaves, thus thousands of kids grew up with a porn channel and now blame the US for their porn addiction).
    I have been following you because I wanted to get to know your style — considering in another few months, I too, will be looking for an amazing agent like I believe you to be. I sought you out originally simply because your name and mine have the same meaning, not just “Light” but “Illuminator.”
    Since then, in reading about you, and watching a couple of clips, you remind me very much of my best friend (whom I have nothing in common with other than a strong love of a good Shiraz), but my friend is a gem of woman, and from the little I’ve learned about you, you seem quite like her.
    I’m sure you’re not looking forward to yet another submission coming your way, but hopefully it will be a query that impresses you and a manuscript that surprises you.
    In the meantime Ms. Diver, it’s been a pleasure getting to know your creativity.
    Best Regards,


      1. Good Stuff! If I write you a best seller someday, I’ll know with what, we should toast. If nothing more, “Here’s to a good Shiraz.” (Australian, of course!)


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