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Because I’m always asked what an agent does, I’ve pulled together some quick stats for this week to give you an idea.  Note: this week was a short one; the office was closed Monday and here it is only Thursday afternoon. 
-notes sent to 2 clients on their new proposals to spiff them up for submission; 3rd set of proposals on the slate for tomorrow
-notes sent to 2 clients on their full manuscripts
-15 rejection letters written
(note: full disclosure – some of the above reading was done over the holidays, along with an Agatha Christie mystery and the third novel of a new client about whom I’m very excited!)
-2 new subrights deals done
-2 final contracts reviewed and routed for signature
-1 new set of contracts commented upon, revised contracts received and approved, now awaiting signature copies
-countless questions fielded (on anything from client speaking engagements and tours to copyrights to pricing)
-even more questions lobbed, mostly at editors, many regarding print runs and other info on new releases
-1 kick-butt cover concept seen and approved by me and the author.  (I so wish it was ready to share!)
-1 set of tax forms sent to author
-1 new submission…submitted
-3 new blogs posted…4, including this one!

On the slate for tomorrow, in addition to that other set of proposals and any new notes the reading generates:

-going over some contested royalty statements with a fine-toothed comb
-nags to editors on outstanding submissions
-2012 foreign certification form paperwork to get out to authors


…and a partridge in a pear tree.