Strange Days Indeed

First, I want to wish you all a happy International Women’s Day.  I’m tempted to ask, “Wait, does our Congress know about this?”  But no, no, I’m beyond such things.

Anyway, it’s been the day for news of all sorts.  The Wall Street Journal reports more on the Justice Department’s investigation into potential collusion on e-book pricing, which, if you ask me, was not that but instead companies recognizing the path that had to be taken to ensure competition rather than end it.  (To halt’s push for complete market domination.)

Reports that Dorchester Publishing’s backer is foreclosing on the company’s interests.  (Update: Brian Keene has a report of the recent Dorchester goings-on over at his blog.)

An alert from AAR that as of April the price for acquiring foreign certification forms will rise from $35 for 20 forms to $85 no matter how many are needed, proving (to me anyway) that our government is once again thinking about corporations rather than individuals and the burden placed on them.

Hmm, apparently I’m feeling disgruntled today.  I trace it back to Jessica Winter’s very thought-provoking article for Time Ideas earlier this week.

Strange days indeed.

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