Crazy week and congrats

It’s been a crazy week, which is why it’s been so quiet here on the blog.  All good, just busy, busy, busy.  However, I had to take some time out to blog because some congratulations are very definitely in order.

First, huge congrats to Tammy Kaehler, whose debut mystery DEAD MAN’S SWITCH is up for the Eureka Award from Left Coast Crime.  And check out this great quote for the book from Agatha, Anthony and Macavity-award-winning author Harley Jane Kozak, “Dead Man’s Switch is a great read whether you’re a NASCAR fan who never reads mysteries or a mystery fan who knows nothing about racing. And if you love both cars and crime fiction, it’s a must-read. Kate Reilly is smart and tough and engaging—and she sure can drive. And Tammy Kaehler sure can write.”

Next, HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY to Rob Thurman, whose latest Cal Leandros novel, DOUBLETAKE, hit shelves yesterday.  Here’s a great review from SF Revu.  And I quote: “In a series that constantly finds new ways to explore the bonds of brotherhood and friendship, this book takes those emotions to a whole new level. And the book is stronger for it.

In other around the blog-o-sphere news, the awesome Paige Crutcher spotlights author-me and my Vamped series on

Lynn Flewelling’s leading man Seregil is currently in a cage match with Patrick Rothfuss’s character Bast.  Today is the last day to get your votes in.  Who will win?



N.K. Jemisin received a very well-deserved starred review from Publishers Weekly on her upcoming novel THE KILLING MOON (trade paperback from Orbit, coming May 1, 2012).

Christina Henry shared her playlist for her most recent Black Wings novel, BLACK HOWL with Ace and Roc Books.

Carol Berg is racking up great praise for the conclusion to her Collegia Magica series (THE SPIRIT LENS, THE SOUL MIRROR and THE DAEMON PRISM), including this four and a half star review from Romantic Times.

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