Interview and Scenes from RT

First up, the fabulous Kerry Schafer interviewed me here due to my upcoming participation in the Colorado Gold Conference (Sept. 5-7).  I’m very excited to go back to Colorado, where I’ve encountered so many talented writers!  BTW, that new fiction debut that I couldn’t announce at the time of the interview because the contracts weren’t all signed, sealed and delivered?  I’m pleased to announce now Michelle Belanger’s sale to Titan Books!

Professional ghost-hunter Michelle Belanger takes a page from her real life adventures to fashion a gritty world half a step off from our own in which angels, vampires, and powers darker still are arrayed against Zack Westland, a man faced with a mountain of mysteries, not the least of which is his own past, and allies as deadly as his enemies.  CONSPIRACY OF ANGELS and sequels sold to Steve Saffel of Titan Books via Lucienne Diver of The Knight Agency .

So excited!

Next, I promised pictures and a write-up of the Romantic Times Convention.  I’m still playing catch-up with my inbox, so in brief…THE CONFERENCE WAS AMAZING.  I love RT because while my dance card is full, it’s not so full that I don’t have time to chat with long-time friends and have unforeseen good times, like hanging out in the bar playing Cards Against Humanity with Tiffany Reisz, Andrew Shaffer, Angela Roquet Mothersbaugh, Jenn LeBlanc, Romancing Rakes and Tristan Edwards.  I also got to spend some great quality time with my authors who were there, Rachel Caine, Faith Hunter and Chloe Neill (seen below and in yesterday’s YA Rebels video) and with other friends, old and new.  I got to shake my groove thing at the Samhain party, which others may have video of, but I very determinedly DO NOT.  There were multiple meetings with editors, all of us relaxed from the wonderful setting.  Plus, there was New Orleans itself.  What an amazing, vibrant place.  Even if all you do is eat, shop and people watch, it’s so worth the trip.  And now, without further ado, I present pics:


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