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It’s been an insanely busy few weeks around here, and it’s always my blogging that seems to fall by the wayside, thus while I tweeted the news at the time, I’m a little late here on the blog saying a Happy Book Birthday to Barbara J. Hancock and C.T. Adams for their new releases, BRIMSTONE SEDUCTION and ALL YOUR WISHES. So excited! (More below.)

I’m also late sharing my own news that on November 15th, Bella Rosa Books is releasing my first young adult thriller, FAULTLINES, in trade paperback and e-book.  This is a book very close to my heart, so you’ll certainly hear more about it as publication approaches!

Back to my book birthdays!

brimstone-seduction BRIMSTONE SEDUCTION by Barbara J. Hancock (Harlequin Nocturne, B&N, Amazon, BAM)


Damnation is John Severne’s inheritance, and stalking the accursed his legacy. Kat D’Arcy has her own ill-starred birthright. The strange gift that runs along her maternal line dooms her to a life trapped between daemons and those who pursue them. But Severne is unlike any daemon hunter she’s ever known. The Brimstone in his blood arouses every fiber of her being.

For Severne, Kat is the key to his salvation…until she becomes much more than that. As the ultimate danger closes in on them both, Severne must decide if he can abuse Kat’s trust—and betray his own heart.

all-your-wishes ALL YOUR WISHES by C.T. Adams, Bloodsinger #7 (Tor Books, B&N, Amazon, BAM)

A client begs Celia Graves―part human, part Siren, part vampire―to help return a genie to his bottle. The attempt makes Celia a target for the currently incorporeal ifrit. If she doesn’t give him her body, he’ll kill everyone she loves. If she does, he’ll use her physical form to free thousands of evil djinn.

Celia’s not going to hand over her body, but her client tries to trick her into it―so that he can kill the ifrit while it’s trapped in her flesh. That doesn’t end well for the client. Celia might not get paid for the gig, but she’s got to get the ifrit re-bottled before all hell breaks loose―possibly literally!

Now written solely by C. T. Adams under the Cat Adams name, All Your Wishes continues the outstanding urban fantasy series Blood Singer with a thrilling new adventure.

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