Characters, Conflict and Publishing, Part II

Conflict The shape of your conflict will vary depending on your genre, but all novels need both internal and external conflict. Internal: I’ve already talked a bit about this (see Part I). What makes things personal for your protagonist? Whatever drives the character and invests him or her in the outcome will invest the readerContinue reading “Characters, Conflict and Publishing, Part II”

Characters, Conflict and Publishing, Part I

 Last night I gave a talk at the Hart Memorial Central Library in Kissimmee, FL on Characters, Conflict and Publishing, which put a smile on my face, because my fifth grade teacher, Mr. Hart, was the one I credit with sparking my love of writing and with teaching me about butt in chair and other lessonsContinue reading “Characters, Conflict and Publishing, Part I”

Worldbuilding Workshop, Part I

For those who’ve asked me whether I was going to post my Worldbuilding Workshop on-line somewhere, here it is at long last!  (The beginning anyway.)  Special thanks to Gerald Blackwell, who redrew the diagram because I couldn’t figure out how to get it to transfer from Word!  Welcome to Part I.  I hope you enjoy. Continue reading “Worldbuilding Workshop, Part I”

Action Distraction

I wrote this guest blog last year for Babes in Bookland (hey, all!).  Since it’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, having just turned in the second book in my Latter-Day Olympians series, I thought I’d reprise it here.  Hope you enjoy! Action Distraction I don’t know about you all, but I dreadContinue reading “Action Distraction”