Characters, Conflict and Publishing, Part I

 Last night I gave a talk at the Hart Memorial Central Library in Kissimmee, FL on Characters, Conflict and Publishing, which put a smile on my face, because my fifth grade teacher, Mr. Hart, was the one I credit with sparking my love of writing and with teaching me about butt in chair and other lessonsContinue reading “Characters, Conflict and Publishing, Part I”

Publishing Possibilities

Now that the new Knight Agency newsletter is out, with an article by Elaine Spencer, an interview with Chloe Neill, an Author Tip of the Month from Tammy Kaehler and other goodies, I’ll post up here my article from the last newsletter, drawn from the panel that Elaine and I did at the Romance WritersContinue reading “Publishing Possibilities”

How’s the writing going?

How’s the writing going today, you ask.  Well, actually, you didn’t, but I’ll tell you anyway.  Remember that old campfire/scouting song about the swimming hole (lyrics below)?  Well… (My version) Stalling, stalling…the writing’s not going well. Some days are hot, some days are cold, some are just plain hell. Plotting, pacing, get the voice rightContinue reading “How’s the writing going?”

The Curse of the Agent-Writer

Statement the First: Agenting is a way more than full time job, and I’m far more than a full time agent. Statement the Second: Writing is not something for which you find time, it’s something for which you make time. The math: As an agent, I work with over forty authors of fantasy, science fiction,Continue reading “The Curse of the Agent-Writer”

I am Legion!

So excited that cloning has finally been perfected! Yup, I’m all over the net today: -at Magical Words with a really honest post about self-doubt and perspective -at Goldilox and The Three Scares with a post on what scares me and why, along with a giveaway! -and last, but definitely not least, a review ofContinue reading “I am Legion!”

When is it YA?

I promised my friends at the Colorado Gold Conference this past weekend that I would post my presentation on When is it YA? on my blog, and I’m keeping that promise here.  Some of this may be a bit familiar, since I’ve written on the subject before, but there’s new here as well. So, whenContinue reading “When is it YA?”

“The Second Time Around…” by J. Kathleen Cheney

J. Kathleen Cheney’s second novel, THE SEAT OF MAGIC, came out last week.  It’s an amazing novel, sequel to THE GOLDEN CITY, which was a finalist for the Locus Award for Best First Novel and received special acclaim as a best book of 2013 from Library Journal and Ranting Dragon!  She’s here today to talkContinue reading ““The Second Time Around…” by J. Kathleen Cheney”

New Rebels Vid, New Release!

Yesterday, Amy Christine Parker did a wonderful YA Rebels vlog about A Day in the Life of a Full-time Writer.  Too funny and waaaayyyy too accurate.  For your viewing pleasure:   A really fun, wonderful new book released yesterday – THE KLINGON ART OF WAR!  Please join me in wishing Keith R.A. DeCandido a happyContinue reading “New Rebels Vid, New Release!”

Crowing and SCBWI workshop

Before I do anything at all, I want to wish a HUGE congratulations to Ramez Naam for making the shortlist for the Arthur C. Clarke Award for his debut science fiction novel NEXUS!  So proud!  So well deserved! This past Saturday, the Florida chapter of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and theContinue reading “Crowing and SCBWI workshop”