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leopard enchanted Doranna Durgin’s new Sentinels novel LEOPARD ENCHANTED came out this month from Harlequin Nocturne, and I want to a) wish her a huge HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY here and also take a moment to celebrate this wonderful series.  What I love most about the Sentinels books is that the characters are each fierce individuals, all with a deep and abiding connection with the land.  They’re caretakers for the land, active combatants in the Cold War with the dark Atrum Core…which truly runs more hot than cold…and extremely in tune with their animal natures.  One thing I’ve prized about Doranna’s work since the very beginning, going waaayyy back to her very first fantasy novel, DUN LADY’S JESS, in which a horse is transformed into a human, is that she really, really knows her animals.  The mannerisms, the instincts, how they think and react.  Her work is so rich because she has such a deep understanding of that about which she writes.

They say write what you know.  I’d never go so far as to say that come the full moon Doranna is out in the wilds of New Mexico hunting on four legs and howling at the moon, but, well, sometimes I wonder just a bit. D, care to comment?

And so, a whoot for Doranna’s excellent and long-running paranormal romance series:

The Sentinels: Powerful and Passionate Protectors of the Land
Wild Thing Jaguar Night Lion Heart Wolf HUnt Tiger BoundTiger BoundKodiak Chained
Lynx DestinyAlpha Entangled