Great news and new releases!

First, huge congratulations to Faith Hunter for her Audie Award nomination in the Paranormal category for BLOOD OF THE EARTH, the first in her Soulwood series, read by Kristine Hvam! In other audio news, R.S. Belcher’s THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE WHEEL was named Fit for the Big Screen by in their recent promotion. IContinue reading “Great news and new releases!”

Belated Book Birthdays

No, no, no, it cannot be June already.  It’s not possible!  (Though my thermostat begs to differ.) Due to vacation and other insanity, I’m a bit behind on my book birthdays, but I’m pleased to wish very happy releases to these wonderful May books!  DARK JOURNEY by Susan Krinard Others in the Nightsiders series: DAYSIDER,Continue reading “Belated Book Birthdays”

Shout out to Doranna Durgin’s work and her new Sentinels novel!

 Doranna Durgin’s new Sentinels novel LEOPARD ENCHANTED came out this month from Harlequin Nocturne, and I want to a) wish her a huge HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY here and also take a moment to celebrate this wonderful series.  What I love most about the Sentinels books is that the characters are each fierce individuals, all withContinue reading “Shout out to Doranna Durgin’s work and her new Sentinels novel!”