History and POV by D.B. Jackson

Anyone who’s taken my Writers Digest webinar on writing science fiction, fantasy and the paranormal or who’s taken one of my worldbuilding workshops will have heard me quote David B. Coe, who is a wonderful writer, blogger and teacher of all things writing.  He’s a regular contributor to Magical Words, which has a lot ofContinue reading “History and POV by D.B. Jackson”

Hawaii – Day 4

On to Kona.  The views from the plane just getting from Oahu to the Big Island were amazing (see slideshow). We played the first day pretty low key, taking the historical tour at our hotel—the Keauhou Resort, which sits on the site of three ancient heiau (temples).  Sadly, on is accurate for one of them,Continue reading “Hawaii – Day 4”


I love books.  This might sound self-evident, given that I work in the industry.  It’s certainly true for all the “lifers” I know — those of us who are likely to die at our desks because we can’t even conceive of doing anything else with our lives.  Publishing is not generally a high profit marginContinue reading “Books”