Hawaii – Day 6

Day 6 Sea turtles and submarines. Sunrise over the volcanoes…a great way to start the day.  We were staying on the wrong side of the island for the full view (though the right one for sunset), but still it was pretty.  Then a walk along the beach, where we saw the honu, green sea turtles,Continue reading “Hawaii – Day 6”

Hawaii – Day 5

It’s a little odd to be posting my vacation pics so long after my return, but live (and work) have intervened, and I hate to leave an incomplete travel journal, so I continue with: Day 5 One word —volcanoes. We started the day bright and early with a trip to Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park.  IContinue reading “Hawaii – Day 5”

Hawaii – Day 4

On to Kona.  The views from the plane just getting from Oahu to the Big Island were amazing (see slideshow). We played the first day pretty low key, taking the historical tour at our hotel—the Keauhou Resort, which sits on the site of three ancient heiau (temples).  Sadly, on is accurate for one of them,Continue reading “Hawaii – Day 4”

Good news and Hawaii Day 3

Starting with some stunning news before I get to more stunning travel photos: Chloe Neill‘s wonderful new Chicagoland Vampires novel, BITING COLD, has hit the New York Times bestseller lists at #27 for Trade Fiction and #34 for E-books and the USA Today bestseller list at #79.  Go, Chloe! Also, my new Latter-Day Olympians novel,Continue reading “Good news and Hawaii Day 3”

Hawaii – Day 2

Day 2 Starts out on Waikiki Beach, journaling and getting hydrated before running off to the Polynesian Cultural Center.  From too far down the beach to capture on film, we saw a pair of surfers, one on top of the other doing tricks as the waves carried them toward shore…amazing. The drive to the PolynesianContinue reading “Hawaii – Day 2”

Big things and vacation

Before I start posting away with my Hawaii pics, three quick things that I want to mention: -this Wednesday, August 15th, Steven Harper, author of the amazing Clockwork Empire steampunk series as well as Writing the Supernatural Novel and many other books, will be doing a virtual chat on Shindig.  It’s a VERY cool thing,Continue reading “Big things and vacation”