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A HUGE congratulations to Chloe Neill, whose novel DRINK DEEP won the Young Adult category of the CAPA Awards!  (While the Chicagoland Vampires series is not truly young adult, it has a graduate student turned vampire heroine and is very young at heart…not to mention wonderful.)

Also, post-Valentine’s day, love is still most definitely in the air.  I want to wish a happy book birthday to Debra Mullins and to Kira Sinclair for their new releases:

DONOVAN’S BED by Debra Mullins (Samhain Retro Romance)

“This is a western romance I can strongly recommend, and that’s about as rare as a legendary silver bullet.”  –Lesley Dunlop of The Romance Reader

Sarah Calhoun is bound and determined to restore honor to the family name the only way she knows how-make her late father’s newspaper, the Burr Chronicle, the most successful in the Wyoming Territory.

Haunted by past scandal, she knows one misstep, one misunderstanding, could bring disgrace back down on her head. Yet that doesn’t stop her from running an article about the insulting Jack Donovan. The blasted man is shopping for a wife as he would a horse!

Jack finally has the house in the kind of town he’s always dreamed about. Now all that’s missing is a wife. At first, he thinks Sarah’s scathing article about his quest is a good thing-until he finds himself hounded by hordes of young girls, spinsters and widows. Still, he can’t stop thinking about the sassy newspaper editor who started it all.

Sarah is as determined to ignore her impossible attraction to Donovan as she is to uncover his mysterious past. But the harder she digs for his secrets, the deeper he hides them. Until there’s only one rock left unturned. His heart.

TAKE IT DOWN by Kira Sinclair

Fulfill all your cravings at our intimate adults-only resort on a secluded Caribbean island. It’s lush, decadent and filled with treasures from around the world…some of which may be stolen.

Artist Elle Monroe is looking for a painting that was taken from her, and she’ll do anything to get it back. Little does she know how good “anything” will feel…. Or that she might end up on her back finding out.

Security head CIA Zane Edwards knows she’s up to no good. But as he keeps her under surveillance, he learns there’s something more to Elle than her criminal tendencies. Something that makes his blood burn, and her eyes dance.

Something that they can’t fight for long.

And there’s only one way to satisfy this craving….

Today, I have to give some major shout outs! First, two incredible authors Rachel Caine and Chloe Neill (alphabetically, not playing favorites!) for hitting the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists this week!  That’s right, Rachel Caine’s Morganville Vampires are on top once again at #10 on the NYT Children’s series bestseller list with the most recent entry, LAST BREATH, debuting at #64 on the USA Today list.  Chloe Neill’s Chicagoland Vampires are burning up the bestseller lists with DRINK DEEP at #15 for Print Paperbacks, #19 for e-Books and #28 the combined list and debuting at #56 for USA Today!  You go, gals!  You can see both authors together here on Omaha’s The Morning Blend.

I also want to give a huge shout out to Bryan Anderson, whose inspiring memoir, NO TURNING BACK, written with David Mack, hit shelves this month.  Here he is, interviewed by Morgan Doremus of Romantic Times On-Line.

You know what other big, huge, amazing book is out this week?  LAST BREATH by Rachel Caine!  She and Chloe Neill (whose latest Chicagoland Vampires novel, DRINK DEEP, is also out this week) are signing together tonight at the Barnes & Noble in the Oak View Mall in Omaha.  Two incredible authors, no waiting!  (Well, okay, I can’t promise there won’t be any waiting, since I’m pretty sure they’ll draw a crowd, but you get the general idea.)

LAST BREATH (Morganville Vampires #11) by Rachel Caine


“Rachel Caine is a first-class storyteller who can deal out amazing plot twists as though she was dealing cards.” Charlaine Harris

“Fans of dynamic, fast-paced storytelling with lots of great characterization and a sense of adventure will enjoy this book–but start at the beginning of the series. You won’t want to miss how our heroes came to be who they are today.” —SF Revu

The Morganville Vampires are New York Times and USA Today bestsellers and have sold in Brazil, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

In LAST BREATH, Claire and the other residents of the Glass House discover that some of the vampires of Morganville are disappearing, which pretty much defines NOT GOOD.  Nothing that can take on or take out a vampire bodes well for the human population, a fear that’s proven startlingly accurate as the danger becomes startlingly and crystal clear.