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BadBlood300 Before I post the write up and picks from the Lake County Library system’s amazing Trash to Fashion event, I have to do the obligatory – HEY, EVERYONE, THE FIRST NOVEL IN MY LATTER-DAY OLYMPIANS SERIES IS AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW FOR ONLY $.99 post!  (Oh, sorry, inside voice. I know, I know. But it’s just so exciting!!!)  I’m hoping that if you haven’t already been sucked into the mythology, murder and mayhem of my urban fantasy series that you’ll take the chance now.  Less than a dollar!  What do you have to lose?  Anyway, the special pricing is available now in Samhain’s store, for Kindle, Nook & Kobo, etc. and will run through November 7th!

Also, if anyone wants to read a bit more on the series, I’m up today at Magical Words with a piece on Pantheons and Pantsers.  Some of my other favorite Latter-Day posts of recent memory: Character’s Court and “If I Ruled the World” by Hermes.

And now, I’m so excited to present the pics from Saturday’s 5th Annual Trash to Fashion Event.  For those who don’t know, I emcee this event every year (except for 2013 when the date changed and I was unable to make it).  The kids blow me away every time with their talent and ingenuity.  This year I was inspired to make my own upcycled couture – a paper maché bodice with zebra-print duct tape to finish off the edges and a fringe skirt made of magazine covers.  Note: no actual books were harmed in the making of this corset top.  The pages were taken from an early reading copy of Chloe Neill’s wonderful Chicagoland Vampires novel WILD THINGS, which was destined to be recycled, since finished books have long since been available.  I hope you’ll all enjoy a taste of this amazing talent show.  I felt like I was up close and personal on an episode of Project Runway.  (For any of you who’ve read my Vamped young adult series featuring my fanged fashionista, you’ll understand when I saw that my inner-Gina was squeeing.)

About to head to the airport for the Romance Writers of America’s Annual Conference.  Days and days of meetings, appointments, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, drinks, parties and sleep deprivation.  I love it!  A chance to reconnect with clients, editors, bloggers and friends.  For anyone looking for me, I’m doing the agent appointments.  I’ll also be part of the big Literacy Signing tonight and the Samhain signing from 1-2:30 on Saturday.  Come and find me!

In other news, Amy Christine Parker was kind enough to fly solo yesterday on our YA Rebels vlog. Check her out!  She’s talking about storyboarding and SAVE THE CAT.


That’s all for now.  “See” you next week with pics from RWA!

RiseOfTheBlood72lg Hey, all!  Just back from DragonCon.  I promise to post pictures very soon, along with a write up requested by my friend Tim.  In the meantime, I’m so excited about the digital release of my new Latter-Day Olympians novel RISE OF THE BLOOD, that I just had to post.  Think of it as My Big Fat Greek Wedding with gods and gorgons.  It’s set in Greece – Delphi in particular, and, well, I’ll let my cover copy do the talking.  (BTW, for those of you who prefer print, as I must admit I do, RISE OF THE BLOOD will be in trade paperback in 2014.)

Book Blurb:

Weddings can be war.

Great. Tori Karacis’s face is on the front of yet another tabloid “news”paper, linked to Hollywood hottie Apollo Demas. It was ONE dinner, and she was pissed with him at the time. But that’s the least of her worries. Just before leaving for her cousin’s destination wedding in Delphi, she learns that her arch nemeses, Zeus and Poseidon, have escaped police custody.

Despite looking forward to seeing Detective Nick Armani in a tux, her bad pre-flight jitters are confirmed when Apollo, with his sexy new co-star on his arm, boards the same plane. A plane that a freak storm nearly tears out of the sky.

What awaits them atop Mount Parnassus is even more deadly. A prophecy, a kidnapping, and a bloodletting that stirs up the mother of all trouble—literally. Rhea is awakened, and she’s none too happy with her offspring for losing their usurped dominion over the Earth.

The Olympians have fallen. It’s time for the Titans to rise again. Which means it’ll be a bad day for anyone standing in their way.

Warning: Bloodbath or blissful union…either way, the stakes are high in this destination Delphi wedding high atop the peaks of Mount Parnassus. Passions will flare, Titans will rise, monsters will awake, blood will boil and some will spill.

Series reviews:

BAD BLOOD (Latter-Day Olympians, Book 1)

“Bad Blood is a delightful urban fantasy, a clever mix of Janet Evanovich and Rick Riordan, and a true Lucienne Diver original.” —Long and Short Reviews

“Tori Karacis in Bad Blood is sharp, sexy, and wickedly funny. I adored this book!” —Faith Hunter, author of the NYT bestselling Jane Yellowrock series

“BAD BLOOD is a wonderful read. The mystery keeps the reader engaged, the action makes the reader want to roll with the punches, and the romance makes the senses tingle. This is a great book to coil up with on a lazy Sunday afternoon.” —Fresh Fiction

“This was just an entertaining read, and one of the rare books where I liked the heroine, villain, and the love interests. It’s one of my favorite novellas of the year…. This is just one great read.” —A Buckeye Girl Reads

“There are plenty of twists and turns, lots of action, a couple of near-death experiences, several threats, n and a mystery to solve as Tori and Nick try to save the city from being destroyed…. It’s all added together into a fast paced, complicated plot that makes for an entertaining read.” –Literary Nymphs Reviews

“It’s entertaining and the humor often works, making this one a most pleasant pick-me-up read.”  —Mrs. Giggles


CRAZY IN THE BLOOD (Latter-Day Olympians, Book 2)
“A smart, sassy heroine, gods and monsters aplenty, a couple of sexy might-be-love interests and knotty mystery to unravel – what more could you want? Lucienne Diver’s writing is sharp and funny, making CRAZY IN THE BLOOD a must-read from start to finish and a more than worthy successor to BAD BLOOD.” —Christina Henry, author of the Black Wings series

“This is a novel that anyone seeking a terrifically fun novel will enjoy, and just quirky enough that it will attract lots of other readers as well… one heck of a rollicking good read.” —Night Owl Reviews

The second book in this series is like a mashup of Greek mythology and a Janet Evanovich mystery, with snappy dialogue, romantic entanglements and bodies dropping everywhere.” —Romantic Times Book Reviews

Today, I’m pleased to present my guest blogger Debra Mullins, talking pirates in honor of her re-release of ONCE A MISTRESS!

Where Have All the Pirates Gone?

By Debra Mullins

When I was a kid, I used to watch the old swashbuckler movies with my dad on Sunday afternoons. We’re talking Errol Flynn, Tyrone Power—heck, even Burt Lancaster as the Crimson Pirate. Something about those wicked men of the sea fascinated me. I loved the swordplay and the adventure and the swinging across the ship on a rope. It set my romantic heart a-flutter!

Today I have a pirate book being re-released in digital format by Samhain’s new Retro Romance line. ONCE A MISTRESS has a new cover, but it was first published back in 1999 and is now out of print. It’s a book that’s close to my heart because it was the first book I ever finished (in seventh grade English class), as well as the first book I ever got published (many years later and after much revision).

Tall, dark and incognito pirate hero? Check.
Beautiful and fiery-yet-innocent heroine? Check.
Sultry Caribbean island? Check.
Evil no-one-can-catch-him pirate villain? Check.
Exciting battles at sea with canon fire and swordfights? Check!
Sensual, hot romance between the pirate hero and his captive? Check, check!

In ONCE A MISTRESS, Diana Covington is the daughter of a wealthy businessman on the island of Jamaica and knows that someday she’ll be married off to some well-to-do guy. But that doesn’t stop her from dreaming. She fantasizes about the pirates she hears talked about in whispers. When she gets kidnapped by the villainous Marcus in a plot to blackmail her father, her girlish fantasies are destroyed by harsh reality.

Our hero is Alex Rawnsley, a half Spanish Englishman who has sworn to bring Marcus to justice for the murder of his brother. In order to catch the uncatchable Marcus, Alex takes on the disguise of the wicked rival pirate El Moreno and tries to scuttle Marcus’s every scheme.

Alex’s vendetta is put on hold when he has to rescue Diana from Marcus. But once he’s got her, he can’t just take her home because Marcus will only kidnap her again. Instead he keeps her on board as captain’s woman, a ruse that starts out as a protection for her and ends up being more than either of them expected.

It’s just so much fun to lock people in a cabin together and see what happens! Especially when one of them is a good, old-fashioned pirate.

You know, not only were the pirates of the old movies dashing swordsmen with compelling reasons why they turned to piracy, they were always silver-tongued devils who could melt the heroine’s knees with the right word. Back in the eighties and early nineties, there were dozens of romances featuring pirate heroes. Then they slowly began to disappear, replaced by cowboys and dukes.

Now, I like a good cowboy and have even written a couple of westerns (being released in February and April of 2012), but those dudes can’t compare with a good pirate. And let’s face it, my smooth-talking captain can take your fancy duke any day. I mean, pirate captains are usually handsome and compelling and very attractive with their air of command. I would also go so far as to say they are willing to break the rules to get what they want. (Remember piracy, by definition, was illegal.) You mean to tell me a man like that doesn’t get your blood pumping?

I think we can all agree that pirates are really hot, and Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp as pirates certainly held their own with the dashing rogues of old. In fact, I was certain there would be a rash of pirate romance novels after that movie came out! But no.

So where have all the pirates gone? I’ve done my best to take you on a high seas adventure with a really hot sea captain in ONCE A MISTRESS, but there are just so few pirate books any more. Anyone have a theory as to what happened? Is it that romance heroes simply can’t compare with Orlando or Errol or Johnny? What do you think?