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Oh, there will be posts from this weekend’s Necronomicon as soon as I can find the cord to my camera and upload my pics.  In the meantime, I just want to say that it was wonderful and that  the special guest, Christopher Paolini (you may all know him as being the wunderkind who wrote the runaway bestseller Eragon at age 15), was gracious, funny and informative, and everyone was just amazing.  Truly.

DarkAngelCover_Final In the meantime, a few quick shout-outs, first to the world about TJ Bennett’s wonderfully atmospheric paranormal romance, DARK ANGEL.  I’ve alternately described this as Beauty and the Beast meets The Tempest or Beauty and the Beast meets Lost.  Whichever of these descriptors appeals to you (and surely one of them…), this is a great novel, and it’s out today on Kindle and Nook (other formats too) for under $4.00.  Can’t beat that!

But don’t take my word from it.  Here are a few great quotes:

“Mysterious and moody, Dark Angel is a lushly written tale full of romance, danger and magic that is sure to intrigue.” – Erin Knightly, author of More than a Stranger

“Dark and lushly sensual, in Dark Angel TJ Bennett has written a gothic romance sure to fascinate and entice readers. The haunting beauty of Bennett’s prose and the gripping story had me obsessively turning pages late into the night.” ~Shana Galen, national bestselling author of If You Give a Rake a Ruby

crossroads2013sm In other news, the Crossroads Blog Tour has begun! Follow along and enter for a chance to win the grand prize (a Kindle preloaded with ebooks from as many of the tour participants as possible) or the bonus prize!  For my part, I’m up today at Most-Wanted Monsters and was up yesterday with Confessions of a Bookaholic along with fellow Crossroaders Carrie Harris, P.J. Hoover and Patrice LyleAmy Christine Parker (author of GATED), Molly Cochran (of LEGACY, POISON and the forthcoming SEDUCTION), Amanda Ashby, Jackie Morse Kessler, Kiki Hamilton, Ty Drago, Judith Graves, Christine Fonseca and many, many others are participating as well.  Click to reach Rafflecopter giveaway!

Virtual Tours

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Crazed as I am, I had to post this week, if only to move the still of my make-up-less face farther down the blog queue.  Eek!  Sorry, sorry.  Hope I didn’t scare any small children. Or grown men, for that matter.

Anyway, jumping on quickly to make sure you all know about two really fabulous upcoming blog tours, complete with games and giveaways!  First, there’s the Crossroads Blog Tour from  October 20th -26th involving lots of great authors, including Molly Cochran, Amanda Ashby, Amy Christine Parker, Jackie Morse Kessler, Judith Graves, Joy Preble, Carrie Harris, Ty Drago and many others, including me!  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Then there’s the KICKING IT tour from November 18th to December 6th.  For those who haven’t already heard me shout it from the rafters, KICKING IT is a great urban fantasy anthology coming out in December with contributors: Faith Hunter, Rachel Caine, Chloe Neill, Rob Thurman, Kalayna Price, Christina Henry, Shannon K. Butcher, Chris Marie Green and again me.  There are going to be many wonderful prizes and, I’m sure, some surprises in the blog posts themselves.  Tune in for fun and games and maybe walk away with something to make your holidays bright.

There have been so many exciting things going on lately that I haven’t found time to blog about them!  If you’re looking for something pithy-ish, I was over at Magical Words last week with an ode to stream-of-consciousness, my fifth grade teacher and the writing process.  If you’re looking for me to share with the class some of the excitement that’s been keeping me on my toes, stay with me here.

In no particular order, because it’s all so cool:

fallofnight Rachel Caine, partnering with producer/director Blake Calhoun, has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to make her internationally bestselling Morganville Vampires books into a web series, starting Amber Benson as Amelie.  Over $18,000 raised in just two days! Check it out!

wicked earl The first novel in Vicky Dreiling’s awesome new Sinful Scoundrels series came out from Warner Forever.  Who doesn’t want to know WHAT A WICKED EARL WANTS?  Romantic Times gave it a Top Pick! rating and raves, “Dreiling’s first book in the Sinful Scoundrel’s series is wonderful! Rife with the Regancy’s penchant for gossip, scandal and matchmaking, WHAT A WICKED EARL WANTS is a delightful romance featuring a rakish hero, an innocent widow, corrupt villans and a secondray cast of characters who add dimension, wit and tenderness to the plot. Reasers will find this a real pleasure to savor.”  Doesn’t get better than that!

Tor UK announced their pre-empt of a fabulous debut series by one of my clients, Genevieve Cogman.  As they describe it, THE INVISIBLE LIBRARY is like “Doctor Who with Librarian Spies”.  What more could you want?

some girls bite Chloe Neill is doing a giveaway on GoodReads of autographed copies of her first bestselling Chicagoland Vampires novel SOME GIRLS BITE.

In celebration of National Audiobook month, Tantor, which does the audiobooks for both the Morganville and Chicagoland Vampires series, is offering 50% off until June 30th!

SF Signal is doing a cover reveal and giveaway for CRUX, the sequel to Ramez Naam’s blockbuster NEXUS.  You can win the book even before you can buy it!  (Ends Sunday, so don’t wait!)

thieves' quarry Also, check out what you can do to win an advance reading copy of David B. Coe’s THIEVES’ QUARRY, the sequel to his “tricorn punk” THIEFTAKER.

Molly Cochran is all over the blogosphere this week on tour for her amazing YA novels LEGACY and POISON. A few samples with giveaways:

Fantasy’s Ink

Two Chicks on Books

The Best Books Ever

So many exciting things going on over at GoodReads! Here are a few things of note:

Diana Pharaoh Francis’s publisher, Pocket Books is, doing a giveaway of her latest Horngate Witches novel BLOOD WINTER. Enter now for a chance to win!

Rachel Caine is doing a giveaway of her latest bestselling Morganville Vampires novel BITTER BLOOD (ending Nov. 20th). Enter here for a chance to win!

The GoodReads Choice Awards are in their semi-final round, and I’m so pleased to see on the ballot:

Whoever you’re rooting for, I hope you’ll go cast your vote!

In other news, Ramez Naam, whose debut novel NEXUS is coming out from Angry Robot Books in December, is offering up a free preview for Kindle of the first three chapters.  Get them while they’re hot!  AND if you order a copy of NEXUS before December 31st, Ramez will give away a copy of his non-fiction book MORE THAN HUMAN as well.  Details here.

John Hartness is…well, I’m just going to say it…he’s a character.  No, wait, I’m thinking CHARACTER should be in all caps, maybe even in bold.  If you’ve ever met him in person or sat down with him for a drink, maybe for one of his Literate Liquors talks, you’ll know exactly what I mean.  So I’m pleased to have him here talking about his “What If?” method of plotting.  But before I let John run away with my blog – and he will – I want to note one more quick thing: New York Times bestseller Chloe Neill is running some awesome contests in celebration of Halloween and her upcoming Chicagoland Vampires novel HOUSE RULES that you might want to get in on.  Check them out here.

And now, take it away, John.

“What If?” Questions and Plot/Character Development 

Hey y’all, I’m John G. Hartness, author of the Black Knight Chronicles from Bell Bridge Books and creator of the self-published super-series Bubba the Monster Hunter. Go buy my stuff, particularly the Black Knight Omnibus, which features three full-length novels in a revised, “author’s preferred” format with a badass cover. It’ll give you clear skin, clear up cellulite, lower taxes and take care of that embarrassing rash you haven’t told your doctor about.

Not really, but it might make you laugh.

I promise that’ll be the last (and most shameless) plug of the post, but I figured I’d go ahead and get it out of the way now. Lucienne asked me to join her “Men of Urban Fantasy” pinup calendar, so I figured I’d talk a little about how I build characters and plots.

You see, I’m a redneck. I grew up in a little bend in the road called Bullock Creek, SC. Don’t bother going to Google Maps for that one, because all you’ll figure out is that it’s an hour from Charlotte, and an hour and a half from Columbia, and close to a bunch of other stuff you’ve never heard of. As a redneck, we sit around a lot tellin’ stories.

We’ll sit on the front porch watching the heat lightning on an August afternoon, right about that dusky time of day when the first brave fireflies are flickering to life, and tell stories. We’ll sit on the tailgate of the pickup truck drinking cheap whiskey and Coke out of a Solo cup at the end of a long day of work watching the sun go down while the sweat finally dries on the back of our necks, and tell stories. We’ll sit on the banks of a little pond that might have three fish in the whole thing, smell of honeysuckle wafting through the air like Grandma’s Sunday dinner, and tell stories.

You get the picture? Well, all those stories start one of two ways. They either begin with “You ain’t gonna believe this shit!” Which means the story is 100% true. Or they begin with “What if?” Which means they might be as much as 20% true.

Well, that’s kinda where I get my plots and my characters from. They’re almost all “What if?” questions. With The Black Knight Chronicles, I started from the question of “What if there were a couple of uber-nerd vampires that were the good guys?” I had been reading some huge best-selling vampire books, and all the vampires were sexy. And they were all either badasses or tortured souls. So I wondered “what if the given circumstances were skewed, just a little?” What resulted was a series of books with funny characters that (I hope) make monsters more relatable to normal people.

With Bubba the Monster Hunter I thought “What if a psychotic cupid got loose in a nursing home?” Actually the first question was probably more like “what if the nursing home got Viagra mixed up with the blood pressure pills?” But you get the general idea.

“What if” questions are fun. They open you up to some wild flights of fancy, and can send you down some plotline rabbit holes if you’re not careful. That’s one reason why I’m a plotter, not a pantser. If I were a writer who could just “wing it” through the plot of my books, my love for “what if” questions could send me off on tangents that I might never recover from. So I have to exercise discipline in my exploration. I only allow myself to think about “what if”s when I’m beginning the book, working on the outline, or when I get stuck.

And that last bit is where “what if” questions can be really helpful, because if you’ve trained yourself to do a certain amount of brainstorming already, kicking into that mode when you’re stuck is a lot easier. And you’ve probably got a ton of crazy ideas all rolling around in your head just looking for a chance to get out, since you’ve been suppressing them since the outline!

So there’s a little tip from me on where I get plot and character ideas. I ask myself “What if?” And whenever I think of something else crazy I want to try, I ask myself “Why not?” It’s all worked out pretty well so far! See y’all in the funny papers!


John G. Hartness is a writer, actor, teacher, lighting designer, theatre consultant, raconteur, knight-errant, Panthers fan and drunkard from Charlotte, NC. Part of the Magical Words blogging team, he can also be found online at or @johnhartness on Twitter. He finds himself far too amusing for his own good.

Friday is almost here, and with it the final question that needs to be answered for your name to be in the hat to win the huge grand prize basket from our multi-author event at Bitten by Books with $200 in gift certificates, and worth more than that when you add in books and other swag provided by the authors (I hear Di’s breaking out her bedazzler)!  Carol Berg is up today with “Five Things a Kind Author Would Never Do to a Fantasy Hero” and giving away autographed copies of her books.  (I’m so tempted to send y’all over saying to tell Carol her agent says she should get on Twitter, but nah, I won’t do that.)  RSVP for Diana Pharaoh Francis‘s event tomorrow, where she’ll give you “Five Mistakes To Avoid When Falling Into a Fantasy World.”

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