New Urban Fantasy releases!

First, if you missed the trick-or-treaters last night (or just want a fast, run read), check out my story in the Coastal Magic Halloween Flash Fiction event. I had a blast writing it, and if it’s one third as much fun to read…well, you get the point! In other news, Barnes & Noble called N.K. Jemisin’s THE FIFTHContinue reading “New Urban Fantasy releases!”

Two really awesome events

Coastal Magic has become more than a convention for me in the few short years Jennifer Morris has been been running it.  It’s become a family reunion.  Every year she brings together the most amazing people and every year I feel like I’m coming home. If you want a taste of this very awesome event,Continue reading “Two really awesome events”

Halloween, Hauntings and De-Gunking

Annually, the YA Rebels have a pumpkin carving contest.  Here’s the contribution Amy Christine Parker and I made to the whole thing.  Quick note: I’m supposed to be Abby from NCIS, but no doubt she’d have been immensely less squicked-out by the squishy innards.  You’ll see what I mean…   And here’s how my pumpkinContinue reading “Halloween, Hauntings and De-Gunking”